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Editor-in-Chief WAN Li-Jun

ISSN print edition: 1674-7291
ISSN electronic edition: 1869-1870
CN 11-5839/O6
Science China Press
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Science China Series and Chinese Science Bulletin, the most famous journals in China, are sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Science China Series have seven different disciplinary journals, including Mathematics, Chemistry, Life Science, Earth Science, Technology Science, Information Science and Physics. All these journals have Chinese versions and English versions. The Chinese versions are published by Science China Press and English versions are co-published by Springer.

Science China Chemistry (Sci China Chem)is the best chemistry journal in China. Its primary mission is to encourage communication of basic and innovative research results of high quality in the fields of chemistry. The subject areas featured include physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biological chemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemical engineering, etc. Papers published in this journal include Feature Articles, Reviews, Commutations, Articles and News & Comments.


The reviewing process is as below. The papers first should be submitted to the editorial office. About twenty percent will be rejected by editorial staffs without peer review. The rest will be submitted to the editorial board members. The editorial board members select two to five referees to give the peer review and make the final decision. About twenty five percent of the submission is published at last. The reviewing time is about one and half month and the publication time is about six month on hard copy. To accelerate the publication speed the papers can be published online first. The English edition is on SpringerLink and the Chinese edition is on our own website .






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